Town of Middletown, RI

Refuse Collection Department

Middletown PAYT User Fee Information

Town of Middletown’s Pay As You Throw program implemented an annual user fee in November of 2008.

How much is the annual user fee?
The user fee is $141. Our billing cycle runs from November through October (a payment program is available).

Why an annual user fee?
The user fee will help the Town identify the exact number of households using the PAYT curbside trash and recycling program. The user fee (along with the PAYT bags) pays for the collection and disposal of Middletown's trash, recycling and yard waste.

The Town Council has voted to keep the cost of PAYT bags at $1.75 for 15-gallon bags and $2.00 for 33 gallon bags.

A $141 fee is required for each household using the program, the Town will provide stickers for the household’s set of carts.

How will it work?
The user fee applications are mailed out with the tax bills in August.   It is also available online, at Town Hall and at the Department of Public Works office. Complete the form and mail with a check or money order to

Middletown Town Hall
Attn: Recycling Program
350 East Main Rd
Middletown, RI 02842

Residents may also bring the completed form and payment to the DPW office Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

When your check is received you will be sent two stickers to be placed on each cart for identification purposes. The two stickers, one for each cart, are color-coded and labeled and each set will have unique serial number to identify it if lost.  The stickers will help Republic Services identify households participating in the PAYT program; Republic Services will also be given a list with the address of participating households.

The stickers will be available September 1st at Middletown Town Hall, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  We ask that all participants have the stickers on their carts by November 1st in order for there to be no interruption in service.

Refuse, recycling and yard waste (including Christmas trees) will only be collected from households using the PAYT program. On days when your trash and recycling have been collected before your yard waste, leave your carts out so the truck operator can see the user fee sticker to know you are a participating household.

Frequently Asked Questions:
If I have two blue recycling carts, will I receive an extra sticker at no additional cost?

Yes, the user application has a section for residents to add additional refuse or recycling carts at no additional cost.

Is there a Senior or Fixed Income discount?

There are no discounts currently set up but we do have a payment program, contact the Recycling Coordinator for information.

What do I get for $141?

Middletown residents get three carts, one for trash and one for recycling, weekly trash collection and recycling collection, twenty-two weeks of yard waste collection including a Christmas tree collection, two bulk amnesty days and notification of local Eco-Depots as well as other events.
Additional trash and recycling carts are available by request for temporary and long term use as well.

What size are the carts?

Middletown’s trash and recycling carts are 64-gallons with attached lid, large wheels and are surprisingly easy to roll, they measure 26 ⅜” deep X 25 ¼” wide X 42 ⅛” high.
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