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George M. Durgin
Tax Assessor
Office (401) 847-7300
Fax (401) 845-0413

350 East Main Road (1st Floor)
Middletown, RI 02842

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August 03, 2015

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2014 Revaluation RFP:
February 21, 2014


 As of Monday March 16, Vision Government Solutions completed its statistical re-valuation of all ratable property in the town. The effective date of the re-val is December 31, 2014. Notices were sent out on Thursday March 19. Proposed assessments can be viewed at

If property owners disagree with their value, they will be able to meet with the appraisers from VGSI on an informal basis beginning next week at the Middletown Police Station, 123 Valley Road.  Property owners may also make an appointment to speak to an appraiser over the telephone.

Appointments cannot be made through any department of the town, including the Assessor’s office.

Appointments must be made in advance by calling VGSI at 1-888-844-4300 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday-Friday

Appointments can also be made on-line at: and follow the instructions.

Hearings will begin March 26.  At that time the VGSI web site will be updated to reflect the new values.




The 2015 Tax Rates are as follows:

   Residential   -        $15.04

   Commercial   -      $19.96

   Tangible   -           $15.04

   Motor Vehicle   -   $16.05

First Quarter payments are due September 10, 2015

formula for calculating taxes is as follows:


Assessments are posted at 


Function of the Tax Assessor's Office

The prime function of the Assessor's office is to ensure, so far as is possible, that all ratable property is uniformly assessed and that the tax generated from those assessments is equitably apportioned according to state law and local ordinance. To that end the prime responsibility of the Assessor's Office is to locate, inventory, and appraise all property within the jurisdiction. Ownership of that property is then determined and applicable exemption status is determined. Secondary functions revolve around making numerous forms of data available to the public in the timeliest manner possible.There are several different taxation and exemptions programs in use in the State. They involve the taxation of Real property, Motor Vehicles and Tangible Property. Each of these programs has various reporting, exemption and process related rules that must be adhered to. It is the goal of this office to comply with all discovery, listing, valuation and exemptions statutes, rules and regulation as determined by State and Local Ordinance in as timely a manner as resources allow. All property will be appraised at the appropriate level to ensure uniformity of assessment and consistency with those rules.

Related Information: Town Charter Article VI. Town Officials Sec. 602. Tax assessor.

There shall be a tax assessor, who shall be appointed by the town administrator and shall have those powers and perform those duties prescribed now or in the future by the Constitution and laws of the state not inconsistent with this Charter, and such additional powers and duties as may be assigned to him by the town administrator or town council. He shall have charge of such personnel as may be provided by the town council to assist him in the discharge of the powers and duties of his office.(Amended, December 6, 1976.)Follow this link to Clerkbase for Taxes: Town Code CHAPTER 34


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