Town of Middletown, RI

Citizen Request

Welcome to the Town of Middletown's Citizen Request Management page.

In order to properly submit a request please fill in the required spaces below which are marked with a red asterisk (*). Be sure to indicate correspondence by selecting the email, mail or phone notification check box.

Under "Request Details" identify the location of the request. Feel free to indicate a cross street although it is not required. From there you can click the drop down box and select the type of request (i.e., Refuse & Recycling, Building, Tax Collections, Finance, etc.).

If you would like to add commentary to your request do so in the "Comments" box before clicking the Submit button

Please be advised that any matter for the Middletown Police Department – whether reporting a crime, filing a complaint or requesting information – needs to be handled by contacting the Middletown Police Department directly at (401) 846-1144..

Citizens Request