Vendor / Bidder Area


It has become necessary to automate our bidder/proposal process. This automation effort is to better serve the increasing volume of bids and to get packages into the hands of prospective bidders more quickly. The Town's Purchasing Department now has a Bidder Registration area. 

Only active vendors will have the ability to download and print bid packages. There will no longer be a direct mail vendor list as in the past. You must obtain the packages via the website. Select Registered Vendors if you have been "approved". Logon online.


After a bid is opened, the Department requiring the goods or services makes a determination as to the lowest evaluated or responsive bidder in the case of merchandise, or the highest qualified firm in the case of services. The Department Head then makes a recommendation to the Town Council, who, ultimately, awards a bid. The successful vendor is then notified of the award, and of any further requirement prior to a Purchase Order/Contract being issued.

Prevailing Wage

Any construction over $ 1,000 is required by state law to pay the state prevailing wage. A current copy of the most recent Prevailing Wages scale is obtained from the State of Rhode Island, Department of Labor and Training, Division of Professional Regulation, or at Davis-Bacon Wage Determination. It is also by request for each construction bid document. All vendors supplying construction services must submit certified payrolls from any contractor and sub-contractor who does work on the project. No payments are made until all payrolls are up to date, and correct.