Pay as You Throw Bag Retailers

Pay as You Throw (PAYT) Retail Participants

Thank you to all of our bag retailers for helping Middletown's PAYT program achieve one of the highest recycling rates in the State of Rhode Island!

  • Aquidneck Meat & Provisions
  • Clement's Market
  • CVS
  • Riverhead Building Supply
  • One Stop Building Supply Center
  • Shaw's
  • Stop and Shop (West Main Road, Middletown and Connell Highway, Newport)
  • Sweetberry Farm
  • Walgreen's

PAYT Bag Quantities & Pricing

The 33 gallon and 15 gallon bags are sold in rolls of 5. Bags cost $2 for the 33 gallon bag, $1.75 for the 15 gallon bag and $1 for the 8 gallon bag. The bags are not taxed.