Harbor Master

The role of the Harbormaster is to enforce the State Laws and Local Ordinances pertaining to the operation of boats in Middletown waters. Under the general supervision of the Shift Supervisor, the Harbormaster has the overall responsibility to maintain the safety and security of those waterways to ensure the general well-being of those persons who enjoy their use. Personnel assigned as a Harbormaster shall perform preventive patrol and other law enforcement functions aimed at protecting life and property, preserving the peace, reducing opportunities for the commission of crimes, and identifying and apprehending offenders.

The Harbormaster's duties include such tasks as spot checks of:

  • Alcohol-related enforcement
  • Checks of marinas
  • Dealing with abandoned boats
  • Illegal discharge from vessels
  • Safety checks of vessels
  • Speed enforcement
  • Summonses for serious safety equipment violations
  • Vessels

Apply for a Mooring Spot

No moorings are available at this time, but there is a waiting list. To apply for a spot on the mooring list or to apply for a kayak rack permit, please visit Dockwa.com and follow the application instructions.