Town Administrator

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The town administrator is the chief executive officer, the head of the administrative branch of the government, and the director of public safety. He is responsible to the Town Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the town. In accordance with policy direction by the Town Council, the Town Administrator directs, coordinates, and evaluates the performance of town services and provides staff support to the Council.

His duties include coordinating the activities and programs of all departments and agencies of the town including any and all boards or commissions whose members are chosen by the town council, and performing such other duties as may be prescribed by the Town Charter or required of him by the Council. (See the Town Charter, Article III, for more detail).

Town Administrator Open Door Policy Statement

The Town of Middletown has an Open Door Policy for all residents and businesses. This means that the door of all town officials and department administrators is open to every resident and business owner, subject to specific departmental rules and regulations, in order to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance to the community. Resident and business owners seeking a resolution to their problem or issue should first ask the appropriate department administrator for assistance. But under certain circumstances, it may be more suitable to bring their concerns directly to the Town Administrator.

By listening to you, the Town is better able to improve its customer service, address complaints, and foster a greater understanding of Town practices, processes, and decisions. While there may not be an easy answer or solution to every concern, you will find that supervisors, officials, and the Town Administrator are willing to listen and to help bring about a solution or a clarification whenever possible.


Anyone seeking assistance may send an email to Middletown Helps or call 401-849-2898.

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