Applications and Forms

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Listed below are the most frequently used Zoning Codes when seeking relief with the Zoning Board of Review for a Special Use or Variance.  Please confirm with the Building Official prior to submitting your application.  There are more Zoning Codes than listed below, this is simply to give an idea of the most routinely used Zoning Codes.  


Article 6 Section 602 (District Regulations–uses and district)

Article 6 Section 605 (B) (1) (Maximum Building Footprint)

Article 7 Section 725 (Ground-Mounted Solar)

Article 8 Section 803 (A) (Extension or alteration -Legal Nonconforming)

Article 9 Section 902 (Special Use Permits)

Article 12 Section 1212 (D) (1) (Permitting Signs – Dimensional)

Click here for a full list of ZONING CODES

used on the application submitted to the Zoning Board of Review for Special Use and Variance relief.