Community Calendar Step-By-Step Guidelines


As part of the Town of Middletown’s new webpage at, there are a number of new free services. 

One of the most significant is the “Community Calendar,” a spot where we can showcase what a diverse, engaging and family friendly place Middletown really is. 

In addition to a complete list of municipal meetings, the “Community Calendar” is intended to publicize events happening across the community, whether it’s an art show at a local park or bird hike at Second Beach.

 For a complete list of the rules for what’s allowed in the “Community Calendar,” visit online.

 With that said, below is a step-by-step guide about how to post an item in the “Community Calendar.” Thanks for helping showcase Middletown and what a special place it is to live, work and play.

“Community Calendar” submission guidelines

 Step 1: Locate the “Community Calendar” listing on the lower right-hand portion of online.

 Step 2: Click on the “Submit an Event” button, which appears in blue.

 Step 3: Fill out the pop-up form as completely as possible. Some items are absolutely required like a title, date, time, location and contact information. Others like a photo are optional. Each category is labelled and if you do not supply required information, your form cannot be accepted. If it’s a municipal meeting, make sure to include a link to the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s page in the “Web Address” section of the “Community Calendar” form. 

Step 4: Once the form is filled out as much as possible and all the required items are completed, hit the green “Submit” button at the top of the window to send your form in.

Step 5: From there, a team with the town will review your requested calendar listing and reply within a couple days about whether it made the cut. Remember, submit all calendar items at least 10 days prior to the event date to give us enough time to do the proper review. 

That’s it. It’s that easy to get your meeting, gathering or happening included in the Town of Middletown’s dynamic, completely revamped “Community Calendar.”