Storm, Weather & Emergencies

More and more, storms and aggressive weather are becoming a part of life in Middletown. To help make preparation for weather events easier and to offer people a place to turn for resources after it's over, the town has created this "Storm, Weather & Emergencies" page.

As always, if you're dealing with an emergency situation, call 911. For non emergencies, call Middletown Fire at 401-846-1031 and Middletown Police at 401-846-1144. Staff with each emergency department -- and the entire community -- stand ready to help.

Prepping For Bad Weather & Emergencies

Like with everyday life, one of the most important steps anyone can take with bad weather and emergencies is preparing. Below are a list of resources as you get ready for whatever Mother Nature might throw your way.

Staying In Touch

There are more resources than ever before to get the latest on approaching weather and emergencies and available resources afterwards.

The Aftermath

The Town and its community partners provide a number of services to help those impacted by weather events to get back on their feet.

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