Comprehensive Plan Update Committee

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Comprehensive Plan Update Committee

This volunteer board was appointed by the Town Council to assist the Planning Board in drafting the next Middletown Comprehensive Community Plan, one of the documents that guides the town today -- and into the future. Over the next several months the committee will undertake a full review and update of the current comprehensive plan, which was adopted by the Town and approved by the state in 2015. That state approval expires in November 2025. Visit Comp Plan page online to view the current plan (  The committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 6pm in the Town Council Chambers, and will call special meetings on an as-needed basis. All meeting agendas and minutes will be posted with the Secretary of State (, and meetings will be advertised on the Town's webpage, social media, and events calendar ( Meetings will be recorded, with videos available at Middletown TV (

Committee Members

  • Leonidas Amarant -- Planning Board Member
  • Karen Barbera -- Tree Commission Representative
  • Nicholas Coogan -- Open Space & Fields Committee Representative
  • Paul A. Croce -- Planning Board Member
  • Michael J. Fenton -- Planning Board Member
  • Lawrence Frank -- Public Member
  • Valarie Gelb -- Middletown Economic Development Advisory Committee Representative
  • Thomas A.  Heaney, Jr. -- Zoning Board of Review Representative
  • Sara Minor -- Public Member
  • William J. Nash, Jr. -- Planning Board Member
  • Betty Jane Owen -- Planning Board Member
  • Paul M. Rodrigues -- Town Council Member
  • M. William Seiple -- Beach Commission Representative
  • Emily Tessier -- Town Council Member
  • Antone C. Viveiros -- Public Member
  • Arthur S. Weber, Jr. -- Planning Board Member
  • Melissa A. Welch -- Conservation Commission Representative
  • VACANT - Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Representative
  • VACANT - Affordable Housing Committee Representative
  • VACANT - Roads & Utilities Committee Representative
  • VACANT - Planning Board Member

Public Input & Participation

The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee throughout the course of its work will be seeking public input to help guide the creation of the next comprehensive plan. Check back here for the latest surveys and other opportunities for you to have your say.

To submit an application to join the committee, visit Volunteer online. Just a reminder that you must be a registered Middletown voter to submit your name for consideration for this committee.

Committee Meeting Packets 

  1. 2/15/24
  2. 2/8/24
  3. 1/11/24
  4. 12/14/23
  5. 11/9/23
  6. 9/14/23

February 15, 2024, 6pm, Public Workshop