Revaluation 2024

The Town of Middletown is in the process of  conducting a statistical property revaluation, in accordance with state law.

This webpage has been created to provide information on all things Revaluation 2024 to make the process as transparent and smooth as possible.

Revaluations are done every few years to make sure the tax burden is shared fairly across Middletown -- and other communities around Rhode Island.

Using property values as a baseline, the goal is to make sure everyone pays their fair share to help fund local services, everything from education and police and fire protection to snow removal, planning and other municipal operations.

Know every dollar raised through taxes in Middletown is spent in a fiscally responsible manner on needed services designed to benefit the entire community.

Questions? Visit Reval Q&A for a detailed Question & Answer sheet about Revaluation 2024

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A neighborhood is a district or locality characterized by similar or compatible land uses.  Neighborhoods can be characterized by factors including (but not limited to) architectural styles; building ages; building sizes; typical site size; and current land uses.

The results of a neighborhood analysis enable Vision to identify the factors that influence the value of properties in the neighborhood and to define the area from which to select the market data needed to perform a valuation analysis.

Broad market and economic conditions provide the background for local and neighborhood influences that have a direct bearing on property values. The desirability of a neighborhood is reflected in the prices that are paid for properties in that neighborhood.  Neighborhoods where properties sell at higher prices are considered to have a higher degree of desirability.

Vision assigns numeric codes to each neighborhood in Middletown.  Using these codes and a weighting system the perceived quality of the Middletown neighborhoods is established.  The higher the numeric code; the greater the weight; the more desirable the neighborhood.

Users can identify their neighborhood code using the map below:


Click On The Map Below To Zoom In On Your Neighborhood