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Beach Stickers

One of Middletown's biggest assets is our beaches -- Second and Third -- in the southeastern part of the community. While there's no charge during the offseason, fee parking runs between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day from 8 am - 6 pm daily. For more, check Beautiful Beaches online. And remember, there's never a charge to walk onto Second and Third Beaches, no matter the time of year.


Wonder how the Town of Middletown handles your tax dollars? Go to Budget & More to see how Middletown handles its finances.


For any community, local businesses are our lifeblood. Visit Local Businesses & Jobs for more and help support our community.

Second Beach Crowds


Middletown is proud of its schools and its younger residents who will be our leaders in future years. Currently, we have four schools, with Middletown High serving our grade nine - twelve students. Gaudet Middle School for grades six - eight and the Gaudet Learning Academy for grades four and five share the same building, but the student populations are completely separate during school hours. There are two elementary schools, Forest Avenue School serving primarily students on the west side of Middletown and Aquidneck School serving those on the east side. However, we're in the process of building a new middle-high school just north of Gaudet, a project that will change and improve the face of Middletown education for generations to come. For more about our schools, visit Schools here.

Local Language

Every community has its own dialect and references, some that can be confusing and downright confounding for the uninitiated. Click on the attached list for a cheatsheet on just what the locals are referring to when they talk about Two Mile Corner, Surfer's End and more. Visit Local Language tab to check out our list.

Middletown Helps

Downed branch, pothole, broken street light or other nonemergency issue in your neighborhood? Visit Middletown Helps to file your work requests simply and easily and follow them through the process.


Need help with housing, food or other issues, but not sure where to turn? Check out our Outreach Department here to learn more about the services we and our community partners offer to help.

Parks & Places

Middletown is more than just its beaches. The town actually has a number of beautiful, often overlooked gems to hike, sightsee and just relax. Check out Parks & Places for a list of all we have to offer.

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Rubbish Removal

Middletown's curbside trash, recycling and yard waste collection program is known locally as "Pay-As-You-Throw." And the name is fitting. Subscribers pay a $160 annual fee to participate and up to $2 per yellow bag to get rid of their household garbage. For more or to sign up for the program, visit Pay-As-You-Throw online.


So, you're retired and looking for a cool, fun place to spend time, making new friends and participating in upbeat, energetic activities? Try the Middletown Senior Center at 650 Green End Ave. Visit Senior Center for more.


While we wish we didn't have to charge taxes, it costs money to run Middletown, RI and provide all the services we offer. Go to Taxes to learn more about how we assess taxes and the special relief programs, including one that rewards full-time residents.


Volunteering and giving time to activities you're interested in is always a great way to learn more about Middletown -- and yourself. To submit your name for consideration for an open board and commission, go to Volunteer online to learn more.


Contrary to what some might think, you can make the biggest immediate impact on your day-to-day life by getting involved locally. And what better way than voting? To register to vote, visit Vote online for all the details.


Still Have Questions?

Submit any and all questions to the proper department at Forms online and assistance is on the way.