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Aquidneck Corporate Park

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Originally constructed in 1970 as an industrial park, the Aquidneck Corporate Park has many of the features of a modern office park, open landscaped areas surrounding buildings, lot subdivision, and organized internal circulation. Access to the office park is on Valley Road along Green End Pond, with a secondary access point on Aquidneck Avenue. The terrain of the Aquidneck Corporate Park slopes from a high elevation on its eastern boundary, down to a low elevation on the western boundary (along Green End Pond). The park’s naturally hilly topography allows most of the buildings to be fully visible from both outside and inside the park. The sloping topography also provides several of the buildings with unobstructed views of Green End Pond, as well as the park’s adjoining land.

Well Maintained Park

The majority of businesses have well-maintained landscaping and pedestrian networks within each lot. Employee amenities include outdoor picnic areas at most of the businesses. A central location on Johnnycake Hill Road provides for Federal Express/UPS package drop-off with several postal mailboxes. Circulation within each parcel is well organized, with most businesses having multiple access points from the roadway network of the park. Most have circular drives at identifiable main entrances, visitor parking, and an abundance of employee parking.

Several businesses offer pedestrian and vehicle connections between individual parking areas to facilitate both foot and automobile traffic flow. Signage exists to direct people throughout the park.